The Explore Cochrane App

Rewards you for exploring Cochrane, Alberta, and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

App users can collect points at certain locations around Cochrane and then redeem them for special offers at specific spots. Collection and redemption spots will rotate regularly, keeping the experience exciting for the users and truly gamifying local exploration.

The app highlights local businesses, encourages people to visit, and rewards purchases within certain businesses.

Within each category on the Explore Cochrane App, you will find places to explore in the Bow River valley. The locations will change with the seasons, highlighting special events, itineraries, tours, and more. The App will also help you to explore with safety and confidence through our Open & Safe category. Our local businesses pledged to follow the guidance of the provincial health authority and they are taking the proper measures to help ensure customers and employees will be safe.

Happy Exploring!

Create an Account

With an Explore Cochrane account, you can explore and collect points in and around Cochrane, AB. Points can be redeemed for goods or services at one of our participating rewards locations in and around Cochrane.


When you click on the Explore button you will find a map of Cochrane, which has pins indicating the location of places of interest where you can collect points. Clicking on each pin on the map gives you more information about that location, a local tip, and the number of points you can collect there. It will also let you know if the location is a rewards collection point and what the location has to offer.

Collect Points

Many locations are assigned a point value, which can be collected when you are within the GPS range of a location and have a connection to the internet. Pushing the “Collect Points” button while physically visiting a location will add the location’s points to your point total. To keep earning points, explore more locations. You can track your point total on Your Account page.

Redeem Rewards

Once you collect enough points, those points can be redeemed for goods or services at our Rewards locations, which are indicated in the app. Select the place where you would like to redeem your reward. Hitting the “Redeem Rewards” button while physically at a Rewards location will bring up a keypad for the place owner to enter a code to deduct points from your point total in exchange for your reward. You must have an internet connection in order to redeem points.

Share with Friends

Find a place you want to let others know about? The Share button on each location’s page allows you to share information about that place via your social media channels.


No, you do not have to create and account for the Explore Cochrane App. You can use it to navigate without an account. If you want to collect and redeem points, users will need to create an account.

Pushing the “Collect Points” button while visiting a business located on the app will add 10 points to your account.  You will need to be close to the Navy-blue GPS pin to collect.  The pin location for each business is inside the store, near the till.

Tip:  On most phones, when you click on the map button next to the address in business listing, you will be able to see how close you are to the pin.  You may need to navigate towards the pin to collect.

Tip:  If you have tried several times to collect, you may need to reset the map. To do this, click “Map View” on the bottom of the screen, then “List View” at the bottom of the screen and go back into the business listing.

Trouble Collecting:  If you are not able to collect at a location on the map, ask the employee to send your email address to Cochrane Tourism, and they will add the points to your account.

10 points is valued at $1.00, so every time you collect 10 points at a location, it is like putting $1.00 in the bank.

You are not required to make a purchase to collect points at a location on the map.  The Explore Cochrane App is a user-friendly tool to help you find out about all the amazing businesses, activities, events and offering in and around Cochrane!  When you use the app to explore, you are rewarded with points at various locations.

If there is a number on the pin, this indicates how many locations are in the area. When locations are close together, tapping on the pin will zoom in and separate the pins.

In the Menu located at the top of our screen, select “List View” under Explore.   This will bring up all locations starting with the ones closest to you.   If you are looking for something specific, use the “filter by”, to bring up the list of categories.

Eg: Coffee Shops, Retail Boutiques etc.

Tip:  Locations can be sorted by distance from you or alphabetically.

The “Insider Tip” on a location’s page in the app is where you can find promotions and specials, event details and  insider information from local experts.

Tip:   On the main screen of the App, you will find out about current events, promotions or seasonal activities.

Redeem location can be found by selecting the Menu on the top of the screen, then selecting Rewards, either by map or list view.  To redeem points:


At the reward location, push the “REDEEM POINTS” button on the location on the app.


Customer asks for the reward code.


Business provides the code so customer can enter it on the keypad and click the “REDEEM POINTS” button.


The points are automatically deducted from user’s account.


Customer receives reward indicated on the location page in the app.

Watch our Video!

We have created a video of the all-new Explore Cochrane App and how to use it!

We Launched Live!

We went live to debut the app to everyone on Monday, November 2nd, 2020!

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